Creative design brief

Website / Project Design Brief

The successful outcome of a web (or any) design project means different things to different people.   The best projects are born from briefs that are open enough to inspire ideas, while being specific enough to give clear direction and outline expectations.

Website / Project Design Brief Questions:

  1. Date:
  2. Project Name:
  3. Client / website:
  4. Company Location:
  5. Describe your product)s) / services.
  6. Describe your ideal customer.
  7. Who is the target audience?  (age, sex, income, occupation, location, motivation)
  8. Who are your main competitors?
  9. How do you differ from your competition?
  10. List at least 3 website designs you like, and why?
  11. Why is this project being undertaken?
  12. What is the primary aim of the project?
  13. What would you like to achieve with this project? List at least 3 objectives. e.g. Generate sales? Encourage enquiries? Gain newsletter subscribers?  Obtain information from your audience?  Encourage them to tell a friend?
  14. List all the specific features you would like to have: e.g. Contact forms, online payments, news, blog, gallery, calendar, testimonials, FAQ, Administrative requirements…
  15. Project Budget
  16. Deliverables (website, newsletter templates, social media profiles etc.)
  17. What is the development platform? (PHP, .net, specific Content management system, pure HTML, no specific requirement?)
  18. Project Timeline: What is your ideal timeline for this project? Please keep feedback time in mind
  19. Materials supplied: (please list websites, brand guideline documents, product shots, screenshots, diagrams or any material that has specifically been provided)
  20.  Please list any specific design requirements/considerations: e.g. social media icons.
  21.  Who will be writing and reviewing the website text?
  22. Any specific colour preferences?
  23. Any specific imagery requirements?
  24. Any specific typographic requirements?
  25. What is the type of feel / atmosphere you would like to create on the website?

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