Life of I - Part 6 - The idea/non-idea of ‘life of ‘I’’

The Life of ‘I’ – Part 6

Part 6 – The idea/non-idea of ‘life of ‘I’’

If this book has to be used as an idea, let it be used wisely.  If you are to think about this book and it’s ideas let it be done with self-awake-ness.  Let this book be used, as a tool to guide your way, knowing that when the time comes everything in this book and every other possible idea or non-idea will not exist as it does now.  Know that the words used here are used for the expression of communication.  In ‘reality’ ‘words’ are as ‘empty’ as their ‘meanings’.

If you are reading this book you went to school to acquire some basic language skills.  In the same school you were familiarized with the concept of the functions of your body.  By trying to understand the function of our bodies we turned it into a subject that we can study.  This subject can be stated or not, believed in or not, described, defined, given terms, symbols and concepts.

According to the study you learned in school that the body has basic functions.  One of the central features of the body is the nervous system.  The nervous system is composed of three parts: Sensory system (most of the activity, based on the senses that can cause an immediate response or the information can be stored as a memory that can help in determining future bodily actions), motor system (controls bodily functions you are ‘consciously’ unaware of) and then the information processing system.  Life, cells, DNA are concerned with storage of the information, memory, like a living working library.

Due to the nature of this system, the sensory and information processing ability, is mistaken for being-a-person-and-living-as-a-personality-in-a-world-navigated-by-its-mind-to-such-an-extent-that-it-believes-that-it-and-any-concept-originating-from-it-is-ultimately-real.  So life is no longer experienced as such, but instead you are living ‘I’ of sensory activity and the activities of the information processing system.

So you might ask why this occurs?  Why am I living my ‘life of ‘I’’?

It is not the ability but the tendency to hold onto that ability and the products of the ability that creates the confinement –holding onto is done by ascribing excessive validity to the ability and the products of the ability.

The ability to conceptualize builds the illusion of boxes in a non-box environment.  And the creature that is doing the conceptualization does not know or chooses to ignore the knowing that its ability is only a limited tool. And even if it does know, it knowingly or unknowingly clings to the mental processes of that which it likes or finds pleasurable.  The creature thus holds onto these mental processes hoping that by processing them they will not disappear and because it fears its own disappearance (death) it holds onto any idea that holds onto the existence or non-existence of life.

The concept in this book is a non-concept.  The non-concept of the concept is more a lack-of-concept.  The lack-of-concept for seeing things just as they are, not as a concept but experientially observed from within.  Any possible hypothesis is just a ‘hypothesis’ and not the practice of being.

What it processes and how is an ever-changing never-constant always-changeable process.  Use the ‘concept’ in this book as a guide to direct your thoughts, to direct your own understanding of your own life through the acceptance and understanding of your own ability to conceptualize.  Use your thought-ability wisely by knowing that they are useful but that these thoughts are ultimately not real.  Your emotions, feelings, sensations and memories have a specific function to help you navigate this world.  When you hold onto these you are holding onto things that do not exists.

In concept it might seem so familiar and so simple.  It is that simple.  To be, is letting go of what you never really had to begin with.  When you truly let go then you let go of letting go.

In reality there aren’t any dualities.  There is no aging, youthfulness, sickness, health, beauty, unattractiveness, past, future, idea or non-idea.  It is only in thought that these can exist to be observed and defined.  The only notion that remains is ‘life’, ‘peaceful and at ease’.  The only ‘you’ that remains is ‘peaceful and at ease’.

There is no promise of everlasting life, love or happiness since the ‘experience’ of ‘reality’ is not a thing – it is merely an illusion, motion is an illusion.  There is no ‘life’ ‘you’ or ‘peaceful and at ease’ or ‘final goal’ or ‘final destination’ that is tangible or that can be experienced.  All of these are only found in thought, that is the nature of thought, of the always changing sea of consciousness that we find ourselves in.

Where there is nothing and yet everything, there is not mere meaningless nothingness, but definite potentiality, internal openness to infinite possibilities eternally experienced in a moment.  We are light, we are spirit, we are consciousness.

“Life of I” was written many years ago, for more recent articles you can go to the Design for Life Website.  Read: The Unified Field and it’s Theories.

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