Spirit Wheel Questionnaire

Complete the questions with as little or much detail as you wish, all information is strictly private and confidential.


Name (full names and surname as given at birth):

Name (used often, if different from above):

Date of birth (Day / Month / Year):

Place of birth:

Time of birth:

Relationship Status:

Partner full name and birthday (If applicable and optional):

Children (if so, please provide their full names and birthdates if you wish):

Current Career / Job  etc. Description:

Your religious affiliation (if any):


Your Favourite Colours (or colours you like to wear or that you see in your home):

Your Favourite Flower (or plant or herb):

Your Favourite Number/s:

Do you have a special object, emblem or amulet with significance to you?
What and Why?

Favourite / Special Place or Scene (eg. Ocean, river, mountains, forest):

Favourite Type of Gem:


Do you currently have need for any physical healing? (including any addictions, illness or past injury) Please describe:

Do you currently have need for any emotional healing?  Please describe:

Do you currently have need for any mental healing? (such as thought patterns, habits etc.) Please describe:

Do you currently have need for any special protection? Please describe:

Is there anything specific you would want to change about your life right now if you could?


Which qualities do you value in yourself?

What qualities do you value in others?

What qualities do you not like in others?

What is most important to you and why?

Which predominant emotion/s do you currently see in your life?

What challenges do you experience in your life (what makes you feel uncomfortable):

What makes you feel good / happy?


What are you naturally good at / gifted at?

What do people usually come to you for?

What did you want to do when you were young?

What is the most significant experience/s or moment/s in your life to date? What and Why?

Are you currently doing what you love or are you working for the money?

Can you imagine yourself doing something different than what you are currently doing?  What?

What do you want to experience in your lifetime?

What do you want to learn in this lifetime?


What are you grateful for in your life? (please provide at least 8 things)

What would you like more of in your life? What and Why? (please provide at least 8 things)

Do you agree to spend at least a minute every day, when possible, looking at  and/or silently contemplating your spirit wheel?


Thank you.  Please return the completed questionnaire with your order.

Spirit Wheels

The secret to enjoying life is learning how to do more of what you love to do while practically fulfilling all other needs. Often the most challenging part in this quest is finding what you love to do most, what your life purpose is.

The good news is that you are already living your life purpose – if not all the time at least some of the time – and often it is so much a part of your life and who you are that it can go unnoticed.  There are many ways to focus energy on this quest, one way is through a spirit wheel.

These magical artworks hold your life purpose sacred.  It serves symbolically, metaphysically and as a reminder whenever you look at it.

Spirit Wheel Artwork Design

Each artwork is unique and one of a kind, like you. They are created mindfully, with prayer and loving intention to hold you and your life purpose sacred.

The design includes the following elements: your name /s, birthday, your numerology and if you choose the numerology of those closest to you, gene keys / human design profile, affirmations, items that are significant to you, the iching, geometry, cosmometry, Chakras / body energy centres and other information contained in the questionnaire.

Order & Delivery

Spirit Wheels take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete once the completed questionnaire and payment has been received.

The Spirit Wheel is created on an A1 sheet of paper with mixed medium (pencils, pen, watercolour paint and gauche) unless otherwise arranged. Custom sizes, material and mediums are available.

All artworks are carefully packaged and delivered via courier to your door.

Download the Questionnaire

Download the Spirit Wheel Questionnaire PDF, Word (docx) format or email me for more information.

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