Spirit Wheels

The secret to enjoying life is learning how to do more of what you love to do while practically fulfilling all other needs. Often the most challenging part in this quest is finding what you love to do most, what your life purpose is.  The good news is that you are already living your life purpose – if not all the time at least some of the time – and often it is so much a part of your life and who you are that it can go unnoticed.

There are many ways to focus energy on this quest, one way is through a spirit wheel.  These magical artworks hold your life purpose sacred.  It serves symbolically, metaphysically and as a reminder whenever you look at it.

The Design

Each artwork is unique and one of a kind, like you. They are created mindfully, with prayer and loving intention to hold you and your life purpose sacred. The design includes the following elements: your name /s, birthday, your numerology and if you choose the numerology of those closest to you, gene keys / human design profile, affirmations, items that are significant to you, the iching, geometry, cosmometry, Chakras / body energy centres and other information contained in the questionnaire.

Spirit Wheels take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete once the completed questionnaire and payment has been received.

Spirit Wheel Design

Spirit Wheel Design     Spirit Wheel Design     Spirit Wheel Design     Spirit Wheel Design

The Spirit Wheel is created by hand on an A1 sheet of paper with mixed medium (pencils, pen, watercolour paint and gauche) unless otherwise arranged. Custom sizes, material and mediums are available.  All artworks are carefully packaged and delivered via courier to your door.  Download the Spirit Wheel Questionnaire PDF, Word (docx) format, view it online or email me for more information.

The primary Spirit Wheel design elements are:

Your Name

As humanity discovers more about our world we realise that sound is very powerful and that the name you use daily has a profound effect on your life.

Your Birthday

The moment you were born has a unique signature in the world and the universe. People have been looking for patterns relating to this signature for a very long time. Each artwork contains your astrological and iching/gene keys profile.

Incantations & Affirmations

Our thoughts create our reality, what you think about you draw to you. Saying, writing and thinking have a pronounced effect on the way we feel and it is a very powerful way of consciously creating what you want in life.  Your artwork contains your personal affirmations provided in the questionnaire.  They speak to your subconscious mind, motivate you and will keep you focused. Powerful incantations are short, easily repeated, visualised, stated in the positive and with emotion, stated out loud and your actions should be aligned with them.

Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a type of sacred symbol (you also get God’s eye, a magic circle, talisman, amulet and other)  used as a protective charm  so that only good dreams are allowed to filter through. Your artwork is a similar sacred symbol which holds your highest intentions and inspirations.

Your Life Purpose

The artwork is really about holding your dreams sacred – the things you love to do, the things you want more of in your life, the things that give your life meaning to you.


Meditation is a spiritual practice that can also serve as a technique for relaxation, peace and healing.   The active meditation in the form of contemplation and concentration is the underlying method for creating the artworks.


Theories on numbers are deeply encoded into humanity’s yearning for understanding, knowing and feeling.  Numerology and mysticism is found in every culture and there is evidence of the Babylonian number system from at least 4000 years ago. Even professional physicists has a thing called “magic numbers” in atomic theory.  Regardless of whether mathematics is intrinsic to the world or whether it is something our minds create it is a fundamental way of exploring and describing reality.  The study of Numerology uses predominantly a birthday and a name to derive meaning, including a birthday number, life path, attitude , expression, power number, challenge numbers and life cycles.

I Ching

I Ching is an example of a divination system and has been in development for more than 2600 years – it is known as The Book of Changes.   The basic principle of the I Ching is based on binary numbers – a number using only two digits (black and white / yes and no), or in the case of the I Ching using Yin/Yang.  Binary code or number is quite fundamental to our world –  in computers and telecommunication it is used to encode data, even on CDs, our DNA codes in something that looks like binary, Braille is a type of binary code and it is found in Morse code.  The I Ching system starts with 2 (Yin and Yang) to then form the basic 8 variations possible (known as the Trigrams) to then form the basic 64 hexagrams which are used as a way of looking at the cycles of life.


Geometry can be seen as the visual representation of the mathematics we see in the world and has naturally evolved in all developing nations. The study of sacred geometry is in essence the study of consciousness or the source of our reality / world.  People like Plato, Euclid, Archimedes and many others devoted their lives to exploring geometry. The mystical experience of drawing geometry is something one has to experience in order to understand. Geometry is the fundamental inspiration for the artworks.


From observations it is becoming more clear that there is an underlying geometric blueprint to the universe that can be unified through a system of spherical fractal scaling.  These self-similar rotating systems (torus like) are found across various scales, and more obvious to our perception at the larger (hurricanes, planets and galaxies) and smaller (cells, atoms).  Our body itself is a microcosmos composed of trillions of cells (they estimate about 37 trillion!).

Through energy resonance we collectively radiate a  field of vibrations while individually we gravitate what experience resonate with us in the current moment. Fundamentally everything is connected at the subatomic level and people studying the unified field theory are working on understanding this better.

We are co-creators of reality on every level, we are consciousness itself.  If you want to change what you see in the world simply change your inner world. Metaphysical systems all point us inward.

The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys is a system and book based on the marriage of I Ching, DNA coding and your Birthday.   A Gene Key is one of the 64 universal attributes of consciousness used to inspire contemplation of the shadow, gift and highest frequency.

Chakras / Kundalini / Aura / Chi / Meridians

The Chakras, Kundalini, your Aura, Meridians, Chi and other non physical energy points are a very old and popular way of describing the way our physical bodies connect with energy and light.   They are mental, emotional and abstract in nature.  While the Chakras are the main energy centres through the centre of the body, the Meridians are energy centres throughout the body. Chi is the energy that flows through all the points. Kundalini is about awakening and aligning the energy centres within you to allow energy to flow through all of them.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is generated through the desire to be a channel for healing energy by focusing the energy on a person that needs it.  It can bring peace and relaxation, relief from pain, speed up your natural ability to heal, assist with psychological or physical healing.

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