Délices d ‘Ingrid

Délices d ‘Ingrid DesignDélices d ‘Ingrid DesignDélices d ‘Ingrid DesignDélices d ‘Ingrid DesignDélices d ‘Ingrid Design


Délices d ‘Ingrid creates home-made baked goods including cakes, cupcakes, wedding and birthday cakes, kids treats, bridal-showers and healthier home-made sweets.

Projects Completed

Projects include logo design, print and digital stationery design, brand guidelines, flyers, stickers, posters etc.

Identity Design

The brief was to design a logo and brand identity for “Délices d ‘Ingrid.” The logo had to have a cup cake in it.  Design Style: Fun, colourful, mixture between modern and vintage.

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