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Are you working to make the world a better place?

Design for Life Program

If you need design skills or creative resources we could help bring your project to life, regardless of what you can offer in exchange.  I am particularly interested in projects that aim at improving our future world, these can include free energy, transparency, human rights, movements associated with any of these, or any project that falls under the list below. I will consider non-monetary reward/payment, alternative payment arrangements, exchange or negotiable rates for projects like these.  You can send me your project proposal.

Arts – Projects that use arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, challenge the status quo, and connect more deeply with ourselves and others.

Economics – Projects that work to change our economic system and allow it to work for everyone.

Education – Projects relating to diverse, alternative schools and teaching models that encourage critical thinking and creative expression.

Environment –  For people and  projects that get involved in areas where our environment is threatened, with the intention to intervene with strategic and effective solutions.

Governanace – People and projects that aim to create empowering communities where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive.

Health – Projects that consider the whole system approaches for prevention and healing, natural treatments and technologies.

Infrastructure –  Projects that look at innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly technologies that can better support our lives and communities.

Justice – Projects and organisations that work towards a justice system based on the principle of non-violation that serves and protects everyone.

Media – Projects relating to solution strategies, and explore issues and innovations with people all around the globe.

Relations – I will consider projects that aim to grow awareness for honoring one another’s rights and essential being.

Science – Non-corporate-funded research and development projects aiming to discover how we can align our systems with natural principles and thrive together on a healthy planet.

Spirituality – Projects that promote spiritual experiences about our interconnectedness with all species and with life itself.

Worldview – People are engaging worldwide in conversations that inspect and expose various destructive systems and the worldviews that put them in place, I will consider projects that work towards greater integrity and transparency.

Program Background

I have sat long and thought about how I can make a difference in my own environment and with my own skills, using what I already have to heal the world.  I have implemented new guidelines for projects I would like to get involved with, offering my services for these for non-monetary reward/payment, alternative payment arrangements, exchange or negotiable rates depending on the project,  it has to consider the whole world and all of us, and fall into one of the categories above.  This initiative is called the Design for Life Program.

If you are interested in the program, or would like to do collaborative work, please contact me, I would love to hear from you.

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