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design for life

Are you working to make the world a better place?

If you need design skills or creative resources we could help bring your project to life, regardless of what you can offer in exchange.  I am particularly interested in projects that aim at improving our future world, these can include free energy, transparency, human rights, movements associated with any of these, or any project that falls under the list below. I will consider non-monetary reward/payment, …

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How do you build in time for contemplative design?

Recently a question was posted by Sal R via linkedin regarding: Corporate Identity, Branding and Logos. The Question: How do you build in time for contemplative design research and ideation in your design practice? My Answer: I believe design is creative problem solving, and besides the comprehensive briefing process and hours I charge for conceptual work (can be up to …

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What is good website design?

How do you know when a website is well designed? Most of the time we just feel it or could list some specific elements we like, but in most cases it is hard to pint point all the elements that distinguishes a good design from an average one. A friend showed me a website design (which had already been approved …

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Creative design brief

Website / Project Design Brief

The successful outcome of a web (or any) design project means different things to different people.   The best projects are born from briefs that are open enough to inspire ideas, while being specific enough to give clear direction and outline expectations. Website / Project Design Brief Questions: Date: Project Name: Client / website: Company Location: Describe your product)s) / services. …

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