What is my average timeframe?

I prefer projects that fit into a timeframe of three to eight weeks. However, each project is unique in size and requirements and therefore it varies. Many of the projects turn into on-going relationships and therefore the timeframes becomes irrelevant. I think the important message here is that I believe in doing something right the first time. I am not interested in rush jobs. I am interested in doing projects that consider the future of the planet for everyone.

What are my rates?

My rates vary, depending on scope, type and timeframe. For commercial work I generally use an hourly rate of US Dollars 60 to 100, Euro 60 to 80, South African Rand R500 to R900 per hour. These rates are subject to change and they usually get reviewed annually.

Design for Life Program

I will consider non-monetary reward/payment, alternative payment arrangements, exchange or negotiable rates for projects that specifically aim at improving our future world, these can include free energy, transparency, human rights, movements associated with any of these.  More information about the type of projects I would like to get involved with.  You can send me your project proposal.

Project duration averages
Identity Design 30 hours
Website Design 20 to 80 hours
Graphic Design 1 to 30 hours

Do I create everything myself?

Yes. However, there are exceptions. Any tasks that exceed my core competences are handed over to professionals who are distinct authorities in their field. These usually include copy writing, proof reading, custom ecommerce website development or implementation, some development and photography.

Should I not be able to cover the necessary expertise needed for your project, I’ll happily recommend you to another professional who might be a better suited for your particular project.

Do I present multiple concepts for a project?

No. Generally I believe that too many concepts can be counterproductive for design and add allot of unnecessary costs. Based on the brief I usually have multiple levels of conceptual design. Usually a few usable ideas are generated here, but I always choose 1 to take further. When it comes to identity design I do supply variations if it’s relevant. After years of experience I have come to trust this process and go with my intuition and it has always proven to be successful. If however, you are not sure about which way you want to go creatively we can look at doing some mood boards for you to choose from. These usually contain some images, colours, typographic and other visual elements that give you a better feel for the concepts. Doing it this way means that we have established an understanding about the direction of the design.

My quotes are always based on presenting 1 concept. Once the concept has been approved we cannot go back and change it without incurring additional costs.



How do I prefer to communicate?

I prefer to communicate via email in English. This allows me to give some thought to it before I reply and I can keep a record to refer back to later. This specifically applies to new project briefs, feedback, reviews and changes.

What about Skype and online chat programs?

I also use Skype (nathalie.strassburg) and Facebook chat (www.facebook.com/nathalie.strassburg).

What languages do I speak?

I speak and write English and Afrikaans.



How do you pay me?

At the moment you have several choices: Paypal, Danish bank account, South Africa bank account. Please check invoices and quotes for details as this is subject to change.

What about taxes?

I am not VAT registered and I pay taxes on all my income in South Africa.

Do you pay a deposit?

For larger projects yes, then it’s usually 50% or 30% depending on how we want to structure the project. For any other smaller or on-going projects I usually invoice once a month.


Web Hosting

Where do I host my sites?

I host my websites on the bydelight server which is hosted by Hostgator.

Can you use your own web hosting company?

Definitely. You can host your site wherever you want to, as long as the server technology is up to date and meet the requirements of the website.  Please inform me of this from the start so that we can choose a technology that can run on the specific servers.


More about Nathalie Strassburg

How reliable am I?

The reason why clients come back for more projects is because of proven reliability.
What does this mean?

A. Never miss deadlines. Or if something takes longer than anticipated I will let you know in advance. I often send status update emails.
B. Be accessible. This doesn’t mean I am available 24/7, but it does mean that clients always have a clear and consistent channel that they can use to reach me. I check my emails several times a day and I am always signed into windows live messenger and Skype during business hours.
C. Being consistent. Clients stay because I deliver a quality, well communicated projects on time, every time.
D. Be honest. I think there are few things as important as being authentic and honest, always.

Where were you born?

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa, 12 November 1979.

Where do you live now?

I live in South Africa, currently in Cullinan, just outside Pretoria.

Where have you lived?

I have lived in South Africa, USA, Hawaii, Thailand, Italy, Greece and Denmark.


Social Media

How important is social media?

It is important for many types of businesses. What I think is even more important is to have a clear purpose and goal for your social media. Thousands of Facebook pages are out there and many companies rely on the strength of their brand to get Likes. It doesn’t take long for your new Likes to realise you don’t have a clue what to do with the page. If updates are sporadic, information shared is not exclusive and questions remain unanswered you know you have a problem.

Who should be in charge of social media?

I can setup the page and launch your presence, but that is just the first step. Even when we have an on-going retainer in place this will just cover doing the actual designs and updates, it does not include coming up with the ideas and generating the content. Social media users seek authenticity; they want to hear the updates directly from those who run the company. I am just not close enough to your product and business to effectively manage your social media. If you don’t have the time to manage it effectively consider postponing it until you do.

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